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A Fine Christmas Present

I got my first Amazon Alexa Echo over Christmas 2016. So it is about time I wrote my Amazon Alexa Echo review for you to read. Since Christmas I’ve bought two more Alexa Echo’s. Not be cause they broke. Simple because I love this device! I’m going to get one in every room. Yes, I’m even going to get one in my bathroom!

Foremost I must stress to get the full use of out Alexa you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber.But as a note; Amazon Prime is a great thing and defiantly worth the money. Continuing this Amazon Alexa Echo Review. . . (this isn’t about Amazon Prime).

Now the gimmick value lasts for a few weeks. You introducing friends to “her” and tell her to “put engines into warp drive” and hear her witty responses. You might even ask her out! But once all that novelty value has worn off the serious none gimmicky things start to show through. You’ll be able to listen to any music you want wherever you are in your home just by asking (amusing you’re like me once you’ve got one you’ll want more). You’ll also be able to set timers – great for cooking or timing how long that pot of tea needs to brew.

Alexa is also great for telling you the weather. Ask her if it’s going to rain today? She’ll let you know and even give a chance percentage of rainfall. Handy for when wash day comes around.

Now I’ve recently read that this device is hack-able and someone can eavesdrop in on you using the built in microphone and Internet connectivity of the Alexa Echo. But if you read into that story more, you’ll find that the hacker needs physical access to the device. And if they have physical access, they might as well just plant a bug! So knowing this. If you are really paranoid about security – just don’t buy one second hand.