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Amazon Prime worth the subscription or not?

I’ve been a member of Amazon Prime now for little over a year. Can I see myself cancelling my membership? Only if they drastically increased their prices might I! I had never considered subscribing up to a services like Amazon Prime before, but then again there never has really been a services like this before. Expect by the end of it to be using Amazon for almost all of your online shopping needs. So is Amazon Prime worth the money? It defiantly is.

You benefit with free next day delivery with Amazon Prime Price sellers. Be aware though it’s not next day delivery for everything. Amazon like a supermarket, is a marketplace for various vendors not just Amazon. You will however get free delivery on non-Amazon Prime sellers but not necessarily next day. And if you’re not hugely bothered about next day, you can choose the “no rush” delivery option and Amazon will give your account credit. You’ll be able to redeem this credits on various things, such as eBooks, digital content, and more. You’ll have access to millions of music tracks streamed right from the cloud. You can even order your grocery shopping online and have it delivered to your home within two hours of clicking the confirm payment button. Stop and think about that for a while. That’s crazy! I’ve used it many times. I’ve even had chilled beers delivered – that time they came within 30 minutes of me placing my order. Holy friggin cow batman! That BBQ will never be cut short again for lack of the cold stuff.

Amazon Prime TV

Amazon Prime also comes with Amazon Prime TV. And it you have a smart TV you’ll be able to steam all their great TV shows like Vikings and Halt and Catch Fire straight on your big screen along with a plethora of films to choose from that’s always changing.