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I’m not sure about strict Atkins Diet but sure having a low carbohydrate diet can make you loose a lot of weight – and fast! I lost just over a stone in weight over a period of one month. How you ask? Simple, I just cut out all foods with high carbohydrates in. In particular bread, pasta, breakfast cereal, rice, and potato. And of course the obvious naughty foods like chocolate and crisps. I replace my breakfast cereal for a couple of poached eggs. Instead of having a sandwich for lunch I ate what can only be described as a quick Mediterranean meal – I chopped tomato and onion based source with olives, jalapenos, gherkins, mushrooms, mixed spices, and a small amount of cheese melted in. To be frank with you it’s really nice. Evening meals remain the same just without the high carb additions. So chilli and rice became just a large bowl of chilli. Bolognese sauces were had with green vegetables instead of pasta.

Whilst on this diet, I’ve lost weight, feel healthier, and feel great about myself.