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eBooks vs Paperbacks

Are we lovers of paper? I wouldn’t call myself a huge lover of reading. Since a kid I was far from the best in class, in fact I was right down there at the bottle of the barrel left behind after even the scrapings had gone. But when I do read a book I like to keep it as a trophy to my intellectual prowess. So when it comes to eBooks vs paperbacks sure eBooks are great – I own one myself, the fact is though, to me at least, they play very different roles. eBooks are great for reading stuff like a textbook you’re kind of interested in but have yet committed to the subject. Or a storybook you’re not sure you are going to like. eBooks are also great for holidays abroad when you need to take reading material with you but space is limited.

Paperbacks and hardbacks (“proper books as I like to call them”) are for the enjoyment of the physical experience involved in reading. The texture, the smell, the crisp sound a page makes as you flip over to the next page. And once you are done, the book is placed on your bookshelf.