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Eve Online Mining – Get Your Virtual Pickaxe at the Ready!

Did you quit school at 15? Have you just been laid off from work? Can you survive solely on hot pockets, energy drinks and hard liqueur? Then Eve Online mining needs you! While away hours of your life crunching away at virtual asteroids in deep space. Whilst avoiding other players intent on blowing your ship into a million pieces!

As a noob to virtual mining you’ll start off in an Rookie ship, with just a small civilian laser and pea shooter to protect you. You’ll most likely be chipping away at the most abundant of New Eden’s asteroids – Veldspar. You’ll then start to realise that there are far more sexier asteroids to hump like Kernite and Plagiocast. Before long you’ll be hot dropping onto someone else Dead Space site and slurping up the Jaspet and Hemorphite right before their very eyes.

The real fun with Eve Online mining is optimisation. Sure you’ll get to view pretty vistas of galaxies and constellations whilst you’re doing it. You’ll also get to see beautiful light beam effects as you pass through the asteroid debris. But serious miners know the real fun is in the spreadsheet!