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So you may be thinking should I use pirated software? The short answer is no. But here is the main reason why you shouldn’t be using pirated software. Very few things in life are free. There is almost always an ulterior motive behind cracked software. Most pieces of pirate software contain additional code injected in by the cracker. We call this code a Trojan Horse. It’s a piece of software that looks like advertises it self as one thing, but in reality is something completely different. Something a lot more sinister.

The Trojan Horse will turn your PC into a tool for the virus writer. The payload of which could be anything.

Applications can be expensive, which is what drives many to use pirated software in the first place. But I’m here to tell you you don’t need it. There are Open Source alternative for almost every sought-after application. Open Source is the technical word for free software. There are developers all over the world who collaboratively build applications for and release their joint work to the public at no charge. Think you need Microsoft Office 2016 to edit a spreadsheet or write a CV? Look again. There’s plenty of excellent office applications out there for free – projects like Libre Office and Open Office.

So next time you need that piece of software to accomplish you task try searching for “<insert application name> open source alternative”. You will be surprised at what you find.