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Joint Operations – why have we gone backwards in max players!?

I loved this game. I really did. Joint Operation: Typhoon Rising was the first large scale online FPS game I had ever played. This was way back in 2004. And by large scale we’re talking 150+ people on one massive map. These modern games seem to be capped at 64 for some crazy reasoning? This game really did make you feel like you were ball deep in a war-zone. I played this game so much I was globally ranked within the top 100 players! Any gamer out there who’s been in the top 100 will know how much game time you have to commit. Bloodshot eyes galore.

The game was developed using the Black Hawk Down game engine and was set in a huge tropical landscape. You could ride motorbikes into action, tanks, jeeps, half tracks, black hawks, mini birds, and even Chinooks! The bullet trails reflected beautifully over the watery jungle terrain the two sides were fighting over.