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Is Mobile Strike even a game?!

So Mobile Strike. Let’s get straight down to it – what a rip off! I eventually tried this “game” out after being bombarded with adverts on my tablet PC for it. And of course Arnies apparent endorsement. So whilst shouting “get to tha chopper” I clicked the download link, it’s free right? Wrong. Mobile Strike is a Freemium game. It’s basically free to download and play but if you want to have any type of fun. And I use the word fun very loosely here. You have to open up your wallet. And, keep opening it up!

The adverts are a right con too. They show graphical troops, tanks, and helicopters attacking your base. This ladies and gentlemen does not happen. Your battles are simply reported back to you via an in-game mailing system. How droll. You won’t even see a single troop. OK I lied there. Expect to see bad glitchy NPCs walking mindlessly around in circles on your base.

This game is basically a money making scheme exploiting addicts. And the developers are the drug dealers. There are many individuals out there who have paid, thousands, yes, thousands of real world money on virtual troops. Virtual troops that get killed behind the scenes. And your only trophy is a kill mail. Seriously, go eBay search Mobile Strike Account. Some desperate people who have seen the light, and are trying to claw back at least a fraction of their money.

I review this game 0/10. It shouldn’t even exist. Not in this form anyway. A resource pack for this freemium game will cost you anywhere between £5 and £150. And you’ll need to keep buying them in order to keep up with the other paying punters. Fail to keep coughing up? You’ll end up a sheep in a flock of wolves.