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It’s a scary world out there. . .

So what is the Dark Net? The dark net is a hidden part of the Internet. In the Dark Net human friendly URLs like do not exist, instead the dark net using an addressing scheme that changes. Meaning a “bookmarked” Dark Net site will not always be at the address it was last visited on. This is in part how they stay “off grid”.

The Dark Net is the digital home of criminals. And with the use of bitcoins ( here’s my post about bitcoins ) you can get anything on the dark web. Drugs, guns, sex slaves, live murder ‘shows’, there’s even websites offering assassination services. To many the idea that these kinds of sites can operate and not be shut down is a mystery.

Many Dark Net sites not only survive but thrive through the implementation of bitcoin transaction and a system of escrow. Escrow in a nutshell is the use of a middle man for transactions. The middle man will only pass the payment from the buyer to the seller once they buyer has confirmed he or she has received the advertised services or goods. Think of it as a dodgy version of eBay. Sellers gain feedback from their buyers which is then advertised to new potential customers. If a seller has a good rating, they are likely to be trusted. It’s that simple. A surprising effective system that allows this underground operation to work.