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This game is so ploughing awesome! It’s the first Open World game I’ve ever played and I discovered it totally by accident whilst surfing the choka waters that be YouTube. I stumbled across the clip embedded below, what I was looking at before only God *cough* I mean Google knows, but hey here it is:



I was like; Swords! Armour! Vaulted ceiling! Vampires! Medieval! Comedy!? Count me in! To date I’ve racked up over 634 hours of game time, that’s not that far off a whole month of my life! For those of you who don’t already own this game – what are you doing wasting your time reading my rantings when you could be off buying this game – really, don’t delay, just do it.

This game is amazing, the story-line, the graphics, the game-play all spot on! One thing I would say though as a newcomer to the Witcher series is that if you’ve played Witcher 3 don’t expect to like The Witcher or The Witcher 2. I loved the story-line so much I decided to buy both of the aforementioned. . . I wish I had saved my bitcoins! The graphics jump from the Witcher 2 to the Witcher 3 is massive! And the control configuration is completely different. So between the two games I’ve only racked up an hours game-time. I just can’t bring myself to play games now on an SLi setup which have bad/mediocre graphics (by today’s standards!). So unless you’re prepared to take a massive drop in immersive game-play then avoid the earlier ones. I’m sure someone, somewhere, must have done a YouTube video with all the cut scenes in so you can get the story-line. . .