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How to quit smoking with vaping

Making that switch from smoking to vaping changed my life. There’s no better way to describe it. Sure you might steal away for that occasional cigarette whilst out on a Friday night but no more so than that of your equally not-so-sober-non-smoker mates. So when I started looking into vaping vs smoking I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t looked into it sooner. It makes no sense to me now to smoke when you have this as an alternative. Over the years I had tried going cold turkey, six months would fly by smoke free and I’d eventually cave in. What can I say? I like nicotine.

I’ve tried gums, patches, even those stupid little fidget toys the hospital gives out. None of them worked. As a smoker I liked the experience of smoking and no dumb toy is going to substitute that. Com’on which muppet thought that idea up? So after a long day at work, standing up against the bar with a cold Budweiser and breathing out the thick smoke of a Benson gold sounds like a temporal utopia.