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The very talented Katheryn Winnick

The Vikings TV show has everything, including the very talented Katheryn Winnick. Katheryn  plays the role of Lagertha, the first wife of legendary Viking king, King Ragnar. But before I talk about the show Vikings let us get straight to the really important stuff – Katheryn Winnick. Katheryn Winnick dressed up as Lagertha in Vikings is hot; we’re talking branding iron hot here. So whilst your significant other pervs over Travis Fimmel dressed as a hairy Viking you’ll be please to know won’t be let down on the eye candy yourself.

Now to the actual show. If you love Game of Thrones you’ll love this. The cinematography is this show is really something special. And it’s atmospheric soundtrack will have you drumming pig skin and chanting out to Odin in no time. I even went off and bought Wardruna’s Runaljod a three part album of traditional Nordic music.