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Website Under Construction

We’ve all seen this at some point online. You’ve either come from an search engine or typed the domain name in from flyer you’ve received and you see the words “website under construction” accompanied by some stupid graphic of a man at work. So you go straight to the back button and click it. In the 90’s websites website like this were rife. But guys we are in the 21st century now, you ¬†should know better. Having a website under construction sign is at best pointless and at worst annoying to your website visitors. You should never use one, ever.

If you’ve got your domain up but haven’t yet got your site ready, then make a simple holding page as your landing page. It won’t take long. Your landing page should be simple and clean. Include stuff like your logo and contact details. Make the landing page into a mini site. And make sure it works on all devices! I can’t stress this enough. Responsiveness is your friend, and with the plethora of free WordPress themes out there that are responsive out of the box you’ve got no excuse.

Do not be tempted to waste your time looking for animated website under construction signs. It’s wasted time. It’s annoying. Just don’t do it. Period. If you really do not have time and don’t want your site to display your hosts default page then simply upload an index page with your logo centralised and some contact details. At least then your website is not pointless, it at least offers a clean and concise reason for being.