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Wren Kitchens Great Kitchens Terrible Fitters

So here is my personal experience with Wren Kitchens. Straight to the chase; the kitchens are good, they really are but there is one (big) thing about this company that really lets them down. The fitters they choose to hire. It’s probably they can sell their kitchens so cheap! It was not just us that has fallen fowl. Since we experienced what can only be described as a nightmare we’ve since discovered countless other people with the same story.

The problems started on day one when the fitters arrived and started fitting the wrong kitchen design. There were two chaps that came to fit the kitchen, the most senior of the two spent most of his time outside on his mobile phone with a cigarette.

Our kitchen isn’t big. With two fitters the job should have taken at most three days. Two days for a skilled team. The fitters that came to do our kitchen had five days. They came each day but stayed for no longer than four hours -by day four it was less than two hours. At the end of day five the kitchen was in the following state; no kick-boards fitted, washing machine not fitted, cooker no connected, extractor not fitted, worktop edges not fitted, the cabinet internal light had been fitted with an old electrical plug that had seen much better days, the kitchen sink had a mixture of metal and plastic pipe fittings and was not grounded (I got static shocks off it a few times). Where the 15mm water pipe came up through the worktop a rough raggedy hole had been cut in much larger than required.

Three or four months went by before Wren finally finished off our kitchen.

In conclusion Wren Kitchens are great just not their fitters. On the whole I would consider buying from Wren Kitchens again but next time choose my own fitters.